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Why DUI Defense Attorney Peter D. Ploetz?

At Peter D. Ploetz S.C. the experienced Attorney you speak with on the phone is the experienced Attorney actually representing you in Court. At PloetzDefense, Attorney Peter D. Ploetz is versed in the latest developments of the Law. Attorney Ploetz possesses specific knowledge of Local Court Rules, Relevant Statutes, and the Binding Rules of Evidence. Intermeshing unparalleled professional integrity, Attorney Peter D. Ploetz has a proven track record of obtaining tangible results—dismissals, objectively definable reduced sentences, and amended civil ordinance citations having little or no impact on a Wisconsin driver record. Attorney Ploetz has been in the practice of Law for well over 20 years and has successfully defended over 10,000 cases throughout his career. Locally born with a vested interest in the community, Attorney Peter D. Ploetz is a 1987, two and one-half year graduate of Hamline University School of Law, and a 1985 Honors graduate of UW-Milwaukee in the School of Social Welfare-Criminal Justice. Attorney Ploetz is a member of the Milwaukee Bar Association and a member of the Martindale Hubble Organization, a grouping of well accomplished attorneys. As an active member of the Wisconsin Bar Association, Attorney Ploetz has effectively represented individuals charged with OWI, Drunk Driving, Operating after Revocation, and countless other traffic related citations throughout Milwaukee, and the Southeastern Wisconsin area.

While most of Attorney Ploetz’s client base is through client referrals, new clients in search of effective legal counsel are always welcome. Attorney Ploetz’s client base represents a diverse cross section of society, of all ethnicities, and socioeconomic classes, individuals possessing both a regular or commercial driver’s license. The Law Offices of Peter D. Ploetz is an established law office in the centrally located Wauwatosa-Milwaukee area with convenient parking well outside of the congested Downtown Milwaukee area. Phones are answered 24 hours a day. Flexible weekend hours are available. Personal appointments are only a phone call away. To qualified individuals, payment plans are available. Major credit cards are accepted. Attorney Peter D. Ploetz offers sound legal representation for Drunk Driving/OWI, Criminal, and all Traffic related offenses; any matter concerning your Wisconsin Operator’s privilege.

Attorney Peter D. Ploetz will meet with you personally, and discuss your options and objectives in a confidential legal environment, not in a disinterested corporate setting of uncertainty. Informed lawyer-client communication is of primary concern. If you exercise your option to proceed to trial, fees and expenses will be clearly defined. The matter of proceeding to trial will be well thought out with your best interests in mind given the particular facts of the case. A blind, uninformed endeavor of trial for the sake of a trial is not the standard practice at Peter D. Ploetz S.C. Your best interests are. Preparation and a firm understanding of the facts and relevant law is a must. A clearly defined resolution objective is best. Sometimes, in light of the facts of the case, witness difficulties, and/or the defining burden of proof, it is simply not in the client’s best interests to proceed to trial. The stakes are high. A clearly defined resolution objective is best. Minimizing any impact through a reduction of the initial charge might be the most direct, desired approach. Especially with Drunk Driving/OWI charges, if an amendment is not legally possible due to the particular facts of the case, perhaps a focused alternative resolution course of action is wisest, rather than an uncertain, go for broke approach of a jury trial with its expense and resultant consequences. Whatever the scenario, clearly defined fees are set solely to meet the client’s objective in resolving the charge. In other words, at PloetzDefense the retainer fee is suited solely to the client’s objective, nothing else.