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Traffic Citations, Moving Violations, Criminal Allegations... each and every matter effecting your Wisconsin Department of Transportation Driver Record Abstract. Insurance premiums are always a concern. Needless to say, Drunk Driving is a very serious crime in the State of Wisconsin. An OWI conviction can have a long-term negative impact on your life and future.

We have all made mistakes, but a lapse in judgment should not have permanent lifelong consequences. Protect your rights. Contact Drunk Driving Attorney Peter D. Ploetz immediately for a consultation.

If you have been charged with a Wisconsin OWI, the decision of who you hire to represent you is critical. If you are seeking an experienced professional OWI attorney, consider Peter D. Ploetz, Criminal Defense Attorney. Wisconsin OWI Attorney Peter D. Ploetz is an active member of the Wisconsin State Bar, and for well over 20 years people have trusted his skill, judgment and dedication to help them through their entire drunk driving case.

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